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Keynote Speakers

Michael Nitschke

Acclaimed podiatrist and passionate runner, Michael Nitschke is the founder of The Runner’s Pod. With a decade of clinical experience in private practice and exceptional anatomy and biomechanics knowledge Michael now specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of running injuries.

As an accomplished track athlete Michael is well versed in working with amateur, junior and elite athletes. However Michael’s passion for the sport has grown beyond that of just the competitive side. Michael is now committed to growing the entire running community in South Australia by providing an innovative running service accessible to all runners, recreational and elite.


Bill Vicenzino
Professor in Physiotherapy


Bill Vicenzino is the first Chair in Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland‘s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. He was the head of the Division of Physiotherapy, Chair of the University’s Medical Research Ethics Committee, Chair of the Physiotherapists Board of Queensland and is a certified member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Sports Medicine Australia.

As a researcher Vicenzino’s passion is within the fields of lower limb musculoskeletal pain and injury, in particular tendinopathy (elbow, hip, knee and heel) and knee cap problems/pain (patellofemroal pain). Vicenzino has written and published many papers in top medical, physiotherapy and sports and exercise science journals. His findings and publishings have also helped professions outside that of physiotherapy.

As an academic, Vicenzino is the Director of the Masters in Physiotherapy program for physiotherapists specializing in musculosekeltal and sports physiotherapy. In Australian Physiotherapy courses Vicenzino’s methods and treatments are taught as standard procedure. He introduces into his coursework teaching many of the findings from his research into Manipulations, taping, orthoses and exercises.